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Bartók Eszter - A világ tetején
10/28/11 1:47 PM

Eszter Bartók bounced back with a touching song and a very special video. Here are the gifted songwriter’s own words:

‘Valentin Bajkov directed my newest video for the song ‘On top of the world’ with cinematographer Pál Nánási in an animated world of wonders.


The song is from my recent album ‘Mosolyméretek’ [Smile sizes] and it’s about unselfish love, acceptance and blissful moments of silence, which I think are the most important experiences in life. I feel that this song incorporates the core of my personality.

I am pleased that the video also features everyone in my support band; all of them are amazing musicians who have supported me in the last nine years. It’s a dream come true.


The imaginary world of the video was designed by Valentin Bajkov, and the floating little glass balls symbolise all the wonders that are present within ourselves and surround us everyday. I think we all carry a wonder as we can love, and this is the most important thing we have for our journey in life. The glass ball also reminds me of my childhood, and I try to live my life as if there was one in my pocket everyday.’

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