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Quimby - Instant szeánsz
11/9/11 11:39 AM

Quimby celebrates their 20th anniversary this year with a massive Budapest Arena concert on the 12th of November and a concert CD ‘Instant szeánsz’ (Instant Séance), which is to be released on the same day.

The popular alternative pop-rock band has a busy year behind them with lot of concerts in Hungary and abroad, while also preparing the big celebration as they take the big stage of Budapest Aréna for the very first time, and debuting with their first concert album.


Quimby gave a club concert earlier this year in front of a small audience to record ‘Instant szeánsz’ - and now everyone can witness the special atmosphere listening to the album. The band performed a very lively set, as they would expect the same from a concert CD.  All their albums from the past are represented by at least one song in the set, but the band also kept their mind ahead with performing lot of recent songs.

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