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László Attila Chennaiban
1/24/12 2:32 PM

Attila Lászlóvisited Chennai in South India for the fourth time this Christmas at the invitation of Ilayaraja, this time to perform at the Indian composer’s stadium concert.

Ilayaraja first heard of Attila László in 2000, when he listened to the Hungarian jazz artist’s LP ‘Once Upon a Time’. They first worked together in Budapest, and since 2009, László visited India on several occasion to work on film scores, and giving Ilayaraja master classes in arrangement and harmonic studies.


Ilayaraja is a very popular and highly acclaimed composer in his country, having contributed to more than 900 film scores, while his symphony was the first ever performance of a work from an Asian composer in London, presented by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


This concert around Christmas was a great success in front of 12.000 people in the Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai. It was a retrospective celebration of Ilayaraja’s work from the last 25 years with a big supporting band consisting of symphonic strings, woodwinds, four Indian percussionists, two sitar players, four keyboards, various other Indian instruments, 10 female and 10 male singers. The concert lasted for six hours with the musicians playing most parts by heart after preparing the show with regular 12-hour long rehearsals.

The concert was attended by some of the most celebrated Indian filmmakers, and it was a great honour for the László Attila quartet to be the only international guests at the event. Attila László took part as a soloist in two of Ilayaraja’s compositions, while the quartet performed three of their own numbers with János Nagy on piano, Péter Papesch on bass and Ferenc Németh on drums.


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