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Hien A38
Tom-Tom - 6/28/13 4:58 PM

Our label's talent Hien gave a wonderful concert at A38 to mark the relase of her new LP.

The show was captured by our team and will soon be shown on TV!

Sound engineer: Tamas Kurina

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Song Zu - Modern Art Orchestra
Tom-Tom - 6/28/13 4:50 PM

A unique challange arose when the Australian advertising agency, Song Zu commissoned a big-band number to evoke the sound of the fifties.

The task was delivered in great spirit, and our time-travel succeded with a genuine golden-era big-band swing.

Sound engineer: Tamas Kurina

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Compact Disco-We Will Not Go Down
Tom-Tom - 6/20/13 12:24 PM

Compact Disco is working on their new release, expected to be out in autumn. Their last LP Steroid brought the band unprecedented limelight with prime radio rotation and a chance to represent the country at the Eurovision.

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Hungarian Police Orchestra
Tom-Tom - 3/14/13 2:14 PM

We had all the closest attention from the authorities in Studio D when 40 police officers showed up at the same time on official business.

The Hungarian Police Brass Orchestra performed brass ensemble adaptations of musical hits like pieces of Star Wars film score or Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach.

Sound engineer: Tamás Kurina

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Hien / Sweet Talk
Tom-Tom - 3/11/13 4:22 PM
The adorable singer of Vietnamese origin began writing songs in 2010. The upcoming album SWEET TALK will feature eleven of her own tunes to be released on her 19th birthday, the 6th of March, 2013.
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