Our studio has established itself as the most prestigious choice in Hungary with many major international clients. We are specialised in multiple aspects of studio work including orchestral recordings and audio post-production.

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Bojtorján- Müpa
Tom-Tom - 4/15/16 3:21 PM

Following the Bojtorjan band's delightful concert at the Palace of Arts, our busy hands are already working on the post-production.

Engineer: Sandor Nyiri

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Lang Lang-The New York Rhapsody
Tom-Tom - 4/15/16 3:15 PM

We were delighted to record the orchestral parts for  "New York Rhapsody", an upcoming release from the global superstar pianist Lang Lang.

Produced by Larry Klein

Engineered by Tamas Kurina

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Tempus Collection
Tom-Tom - 2/19/16 4:08 PM

Beautiful classical albums are in the making. Conducted by Maximianno Cobra

Mozart: Magic Flute

Mozart: Don Giovanni

Beethoven: Missa Solemnis

engineer: Tamas Kurina

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The Huntsman Winter's War
Tom-Tom - 2/19/16 3:54 PM

In a cold January evening the Oscar-winner Charlize Theron visited our studio to record ADR for the Huntsman Winter's War.

Engineer: Gergo Dorozsmai

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Udvaros Dorottya / Majdnem valaki
Tom-Tom - 10/19/15 12:30 PM

We are excited to announce the new album of one the most celebrated actors in Hungary.

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