Our studio has established itself as the most prestigious choice in Hungary with many major international clients. We are specialised in multiple aspects of studio work including orchestral recordings and audio post-production.

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Jackie Evancho
Tom-Tom - 6/10/14 6:12 PM

We hosted an orchestral session for the young American classical crossover singer Jackie Evancho, who came to prominence at the 2010 Ameican's Got Talent show.

The arranger and conductor was Nicholas Dodd, known for his work on James Bond movies.

Engineer: Kurina Tamás

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Kozma Orsi sessions
Tom-Tom - 6/10/14 5:53 PM

We are finishing the last touches for the Kozma Orsi quartet's new album. It's going to be big!

Recording engineer: Kurina Tamás

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White God
Tom-Tom - 6/10/14 5:45 PM

Mundruczó Kornél's new film 'White God' came first at the 'Un Certain Regard' competition at the Cannes film festival. We are proud to have the credits for the orchestral soundtrack recording.

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Szalóki Ági - Körforgás (Spin)
Tom-Tom - 5/13/14 1:48 PM

Körforgás (Spin) a musical book by Szalóki Ági has been released by publisher Kolibri and Tom-Tom Records.

It features song adaptations of poems by József Attila, Tamkó Sirató Károly, Szabó T. Anna, Erdős Virág, Jónás Tamás és Garaczi László.

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Michel Legrand - La rançon de la gloire
Tom-Tom - 4/8/14 4:38 PM

We are honored to have worked with Michel Legrand, the triple Academy Award-winner composer on the soundtrack of the feature La rançon de la gloire (The Price Of Glory).

Engineered by Tamás Kurina

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