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Nikola-World Orchestra

Nikola-World Orchestra

Nikola Parov has released his album which was made with the contibution of a unique and special orchestra line-up. The album was recorded in America, Great-Britain and in Hungary and it presents musical excellences and musical styles of this three countries, and on which we can hear the most beautiful Hungarian Christmas folk songs performed by international stars. The album containing five special songs is called Nikola World Orchestra – On Christmas Night.

The half-Bulgarian, half-Hungarian Nikola was born in Sofia but he spent his childhood in Békéscsaba. He started to learn music in Budapest, where he became the leader of Zsarátnok group, but he was working with several other Hungarian folk and world music groups, ex. with Barbaro in the 90s, the outstanding group playing Hungarian folk-rock. No wonder that he is most at ease in Hungary, in Budapest. Meanwhile, in the last 6 years he has been touring around the world with Michael Flatley and the Riverdance production as soloist of the Riverdance Orchestra.

After coming back from New York where he has been playing for two years on the Broadway, he immediately went into studio to prepare a special album. The preparation of the record took months in America, during which he has been working with world-known artists like the Riverdance Band, the Dave Revels Gospels (Manhattan), the soloists of the New York Funk Filharmonic and Lee Finkelstein or Mark Fineberg. To make the range of contributing artists and the musical material even more colourful, some students of the jazz-saxophonist, Michael Brecker are also playing on the album. The recordings were completed in Hungary with such talented artists as Ágnes Herczku, Ágnes Szalóky, Péter Szolnoki.

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