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Csanyi - Lattmann Quartet

Csanyi - Lattmann Quartet

Zoltán Csanyi and Béla Lattmann were already making music together in the early 1980s, so it was only natural for Csanyi to look up his old partner on his return to Hungary in 2009. The pair were later joined by Péter Szendőfi and Dávid Lamm. Zoltán Csanyi's superb compositions and brilliant synthesizer work have injected new colour into the Hungarian jazz scene. Their new album, A Walk on the Beach, is primarily influenced by Latin and R&B – and plenty of sunshine. With his varied style, yet classical rhythms and tempo, Béla Lattmann is rated among Hungary's finest bass guitarists. 
Péter Szendőfi is the emblematic figure of Hungarian jazz drumming and forms a world-class rhythm section alongside the virtuoso play of Csanyi and Lattmann. Dávid Lamm is the stand-out member of the up-and-coming generation of musicians, with an ability and natural musicality that defy his age.

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A Walk On The Beach
Format: CD
Date of release: 2011-02-25
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