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Elsa Valle

Elsa Valle

If we talk about Cuban music, the name of Elsa Valle instantly comes to everyone’s mind in Hungary. Born in Cuba and now living in Hungary, it was inevitable that Elsa would answer the call of music – since the cradle, music has deeply affected her life. As a child, Elsa would listen to her father’s trumpet music and her mother’s mellifluous singing. She spent her childhood in a truly musical environment, in a climate of pure art.

Elsa, shortly after graduating from the best music school in Havana, received her first appreciation at the famous Tropicana club in Havana. She appeared at the most famous Cuban and South American festivals including the prestigious Cuban festival ‘Boleros De Oro’, where she worthily earned the praise of the audience and critics alike.

Her style can be defined as a gripping blend of traditional and contemporary Cuban singing. Her voice is melancholic, luscious, and explosively improvisational at the same time. The worldwide public may know her from festivals around the globe. She shared the stage with Santana, Al di Meola or the legendary Cuban musicians from Buena Vista Social Club.


After a long world tour, she decided to settle down in Hungary, and she has been living here for over twenty years now, enjoying the support of musicians such as Gábor Winand, Gyula Babos, Lakatos Tony, István Fekete, Gábor Gadó, and Bálint Petz.

It is not solely because of her voice that Elsa is worth our attention, but because of her songwriting too. Her music is inspired by the best of the Cuban tradition, as well as incorporating contemporary improvisational music. The groovy rhythms and Elsa’s passionate style form a recipe for success among music-lovers.


Elsa’s album ‘Salsa y picante’, released in 2007 on Tom-Tom Records, is her third in Hungary after Mi Genter (2003) and Abracadabra (2005), and again she shows her unique musicality, while the fiery rhythms invite us all to join the dance.

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Salsa Y Picante
Format: CD
Date of release: 2007-09-21
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