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Fusio Group

Fusio Group

Peter Szendõfi, the leader of the group formed his first band named Fusio Quartet right after graduating from the Faculty of Jazz at the Music Academy of Hungary. The original members were Ákos Csejtei (saxophone), János Kormos (guitar), László ‘Zsatyi’  Studniczky (bass) and Peter Szendõfi  (drums and sequencer programs). They played their own jazz-fusion compositions written and arranged by Peter. The band’s first record  - “Life Rhythm” - was released in 1995 and received honorable praise from the music experts.

After a few changes in the band, Fusio Quartet’s next recording named  ‘Attitudes’ (Periferic Records) was released in 1999. also with Peter’s compositions and was followed by a national tour  /István Elek  – saxophone, János Kormos – guitar, Tamás Barabás – bass, Péter Szendõfi – drums and sequencer programs/.

In September 2000 a new member joined the Fusio Quartet. The keyboard player Áron Romhányi joined forces with the band and therefore they changed their name to Fusio Group and began to play even more progressive jazz fusion with lots of amazing free jazz improvisations. Their first concert album titled “Energy” came out in 2003.

In January of 2007, Fusio Group recorded their fourth progressive and hard edged jazz fusion album titled ’Stickman’ which was released at Tom-Tom Records. Looking back the 10 year-long history of the band, we can state that this album is their most mature and varied recording so far. They all took a major step forward to form their unique sound and style.

The band plays on several music festivals in Hungary and outside of the country. The band members are Hungary’s top notch and the most frequently employed musicians. Their performances were recorded on many albums. Fusio Group was honored with the eMeRTon (Hungary’s National Radio) Jazz Band of the Year award in 2006.

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