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Intim Torna Illegál

Intim Torna Illegál


Drumroll, an acrobatic level show performed on stage, circus costumes, stage-diving and body surfing. This is the concert arsenal of Intim Torna Illegál. The alternative rock, pop band is truly a highlight in the multitude of Hungarian bands.


The band dates its birth to their first amazing concert at Gödör on January 22nd, 2010. Their unsure beginning, the first steps to finding themselves have been replaced with rock music. Their music today is conscious and confident, unstoppable music of joy.

The members of the band, Sandor Kiss (bass, vocals), János Nádasdi (percussion), Adam Gálos (drums, vocals) and Peter Dorogi (lead vocals, guitar). Each and every one of them have encountered different cultures, people and music. Though ITI added a keyboard player in the beginning, they stayed a four-member band, but they welcome guest musicians from time to time.

Intim Torna Illegal, one of the festivals most favorite bands, holds full house gigs at Gödör on a regular basis, but their continuously growing, fanatic fans can see them live throughout the country at college retreats, album release concerts and radio stations. The band considers a career abroad, hence the english version release of their most popular songs. Though the band is quite young, celebrating their first birthday this year, they already released a single, and album, and two music videos. The single King of Mesmerize released in November of 2010 included hits such as The Flat (later supported by a music video), Cut A Whole In The Bathtub, and My Favorite.

The songs heard on the single and the concerts have matured, refined, both their mood and sounding has changed. They are a bit tougher, more guitar centered and sink in rock. On the other hand, the zest, insanity and love for life has not changed at all. The songs are still dynamic, the guys’ lyrics are light yet not at all brainless, but true entertaining rock’n’roll.

King of Mesmerize, the „hymn” of ITI, was nominated for Fonogram award in the „The Hungarian Song of the Year” category, and this nomination in 2011 meant the profession’s recognition for the band. So it seems like the band that’s able to be renewed over and over again in the best rhytm, is also able to move not just fans, but also the profession „from both inside and out”!

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