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Sunlegend is a Hungarian theater dance performance of world standard. The unforgettable experience is provided by fourty dancers of the Hungarian National Folk Ensemble. The music was composed by Nikola Parov who has been travelling around the world as a member of the world-famous Riverdance group. Gábor Mihályi has worked out a choreography which reflects perfectly the culture of the Carpathian basin represented by the music, and he has won the title of the „Creator of the year” for this choreography. This composition is a strange mixture of dynamics, tradition and misticism, created in folk and world music style. The two-act performance illustrates the ancient Hungarian dance and music culture very colourfully, and it is rightly called the greatest dance-theater wonder of the Carpathian Basin, which has brought a new colour onto the palette of Hungarian folk dance and folk music.

The composer of Sunlegend music, Nikola Parov says:

„Nothing can inspire an artist more than being challenged. The Sunlegend was not only a challenge because I had to write music for dance, but because I had to write music for Hungarian dances with a completely new approach, different from the stereotypical attitude, typical for decades in the Hungarian traditional-music scene. The music of Sunlegend crossed the geographical and musical borders to which dogmatic purists were tenaciously clinging, without realising the fatal danger of isolation from the rest of the world.

Lucky enough I was not alone with this perception. I was joinded by the choreographers and dancers of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble whose open-mindedness and enthusiasm was a great source of motivation for me during the process of composing Sunlegend. The power of their talent and determination was the main driving force which lifted the production from the rigidity of habits to the level of a 21st. century creative dance-miracle. I was honored to have the best musicians of the scene to interpret the written notes with incredible sensitivity and creativity. It resulted in a magical and moving musical experience, which combined with the choreography became a breathtaking spectacle of power and beauty.”

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