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Nikola Parov-Herczku Ágnes

Nikola Parov-Herczku Ágnes

Nikola Parov, internationally renowned composer, musician and producer became famous performing in the Irish dance show Riverdance. His work is aimed at the fusion of the music of various cultures. He toured the world with Riverdance and so got the chance to meet these musical traditions in person.

In Hungary he earned his reputation as a composer of the dance show Naplegenda (Sunlegend): in this production he explores the history of the origins of Hungarian culture.

Ágnes Herczku is the solo singer of the Hungarian State Folk Orchestra, winner of several prizes (Prize of Bartók Rádió in Folk Music, eMeRTon prize for the folksinger of the year). With the band Fonó Zenekar she won the ‘Sensation of the Year 2002’ prize of the Parisian music magazine, Le Monde de la Musique.

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