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Bartók Eszter

Bartók Eszter

Eszter Bartók is a very unique character in the Hungarian pop scene, infusing various musical influences into an entertaining mixture of genres. Born in 1980 in a country town, Eszter grew up in a music-loving family with her mom leading the local folksinger group, and her dad regularly playing Beatles, Rolling Stones and Creedence songs at home on a guitar.


Music has always been an integral part of Eszter’s life. During school years, she performed with the girl choir of Dobó István Secondary School on many occasions both in Hungary and abroad. At college in Nyíregyháza, where she studied Hungarian, Eszter played in various bands with her musical interests now lying in Soul, Funky and R&B. At university in Miskolc, where she studied English, Eszter formed the band Clips with her brother and Krisztián Csernok, writing and performing original funk songs in English.


Around this time, Megasztár (the Hungarian Idol) started on TV, and Eszter decided to try her luck to show her talent to the millions of people, and she did rightly so, for everyone’s big pleasure.


Her first LP ‘Beszállókártya‘(Boarding pass) was released shortly after the Idol show, and her song ‘Félhomályból’ (Out of the shade) was a big success on the national radios with her first music video also produced for this song. Apart from the big popularity among music lovers, Eszter also received the prestigious eMeRTon award in 2006 as the Best Breakthrough Act.

The fans didn’t have to wait long for the follow-up, as her second LP called ‘Indigó’ (Carbon Paper) was released in 2007. The first track on the album called ‘Üvegvilág’ (Glassworld) was in the radio’s top playlists for several weeks with the music video entirely based on Eszter’s ideas.

Eszter puts her own personality into her music, which so includes a lot of different influences. Her second album features a song inspired by Hungarian folk music (‘Neked adnék’ - I would give you), and Eszter later set off a new direction in her career by forming a trio with two guitarists called Hangfestők (Sonic painters) to play a unique fusion of Hungarian folk, Spanish flamenco and Gypsy music - a band which has since performed in Paris, Brussels, and the World Expo in Zaragoza among other places.

Eszter released her third LP in 2009 called ‘Mosolyméretek’ (Smile sizes) on which she shows again her multi-faced artist self with songs that venture through rockabilly, jazz, soul; but equally present here for what we know Eszter the best: upbeat R’n’B tracks and heartfelt ballads. The fans can enjoy two music videos for this latest album for the tracks ‘Marionette’ and ‘Világ tetején’ (On the top of the world).

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