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The piece of Imre Kálmán can be seen in the Budapest Operetta Theatre with the fine young artists of the Theatre performing in the main roles. This is a piece of humour and deep content, which contains the main elements of the traditional operettas. Invigorating music and catchy melodies accompany the events of the Queen of Csárdás.
The entire audience of the Orfeum in Pest applauds Sylvia (soprano-prima donna), the famous chansonette, who is featured in her farewell performance, since she is leaving for America. Her admirer, Edvin (tenor-romantic lead) finds this fact unbearable, and puts his proposal of marriage into writing in front of witnesses. Duke Bonifác Kaucsiánó (dancer-comedian), a great womaniser, friend of Edvin, escorts Sylvia to America. Duke Edvin receives a telegram: he has to go to Vienna immediately and marry Comtesse Stázi (soprano-soubrette), who was meant for him ever since he was a child, but at whom he looks as a friend. Yielding to the family pressure, he returns home, however, on the day of the wedding Silvia and Bonifác show up unexpectedly, and using a pseudonym they cause real trouble and turmoil among the folks. In the meantime Miska, the manservant (comedy-baritone), who used to be the headwaiter of the Orfeum, reports on the happenings via telephone. The story becomes overwhelmingly funny, events speed up towards the finish, but all ends well and everyone departs pleased.
This performance is an adaptation which keeps the same story but the lyrics are a bit different. The piece has received standing ovation in many places in Europe and the world. This CD was released in German version as well, to keep up to the demand in Germany, too.
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Format: CD
Date of release: 2005-11-25
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