Our label strives to support outstanding music and artists. We are committed to give more genuine talents the opportunity of getting their work released.
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Tom-Tom Records news

Szalóki Ági - Körforgás (Spin)
Tom-Tom Records - 5/13/14 1:48 PM

Körforgás (Spin) a musical book by Szalóki Ági has been released by publisher Kolibri and Tom-Tom Records.

It features song adaptations of poems by József Attila, Tamkó Sirató Károly, Szabó T. Anna, Erdős Virág, Jónás Tamás és Garaczi László.

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Official awards
Tom-Tom Records - 3/18/14 2:48 PM

Both Für Anikó and Tomos Kátya received state awards on March 14th.

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Csemer Boggie / Parfüm
Tom-Tom Records - 1/21/14 7:09 PM

Just under 24 hrs Boggie's clip for the song Parfume had over 1m views and a lot of raving reviews from all around the world.

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Compact Disco-We Will Not Go Down
Tom-Tom Records - 6/20/13 12:24 PM

Compact Disco is working on their new release, expected to be out in autumn. Their last LP Steroid brought the band unprecedented limelight with prime radio rotation and a chance to represent the country at the Eurovision.

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Hien / Sweet Talk
Tom-Tom Records - 3/11/13 4:22 PM
The adorable singer of Vietnamese origin began writing songs in 2010. The upcoming album SWEET TALK will feature eleven of her own tunes to be released on her 19th birthday, the 6th of March, 2013.
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