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Tom-Tom Records news

Hidden Kingdom
Tom-Tom Records - 6/22/17 4:22 PM



Epic, thrilling, pensive. Kuldetes (Mission) is a new album from Hidden Kingdom.

The twelve tracks are a collection from the composer-producer Francis Balogh Jr. The orchestral-electronic musical journey is complimented by a vocal track sung by Virag Palhegyi to the words of Jozsef Markus





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Udvaros Dorottya / Majdnem valaki
Tom-Tom Records - 10/19/15 12:30 PM

We are excited to announce the new album of one the most celebrated actors in Hungary.

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Apostol / Okosabban kéne élni
Tom-Tom Records - 10/14/15 11:28 AM

The band Aposol is a synonym for good vibes and catchy tunes.

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St.Martin / Budapest Royal
Tom-Tom Records - 6/9/15 4:26 PM

A new delightful musical journey with St Martin!

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Fonogram - Boggie - All is One is All
Tom-Tom Records - 5/27/15 5:54 PM

The annual Fonogram awards took place on 26th of May.

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