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Egy 30 m2-es keverõ szoba, és egy 58m2-es, felvevõ helység áll rendelkezésre.A felvételi helység 3 egymástól elzárt térrészbõl áll. (15, 30, 13 m2 ).

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Margaret Smith
Bonnie McKee
Leland Duncan
Over The Board
Robert M. Weiss

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  • Jesse Brazier
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What the Reviews Say

My band and I had a great time recording at Voicer. The staff were very friendly, personable and accommodating to all our requirements. The studio is quite spacious and well kitted out. Even better, it is used by experienced professionals who help to get the best out of you.

Lebegő doboz elem
Laura T. Harrington
Singer / Songwriter

I wanted to drop you a brief but sincere couple of lines of thanks for all the hard work you put into making the music & sound behind Economy Gastronomy such a success. Despite having a new brief thrown at you seemingly every other week you
behaved always with courtesy and professionalism. And you really nailed it.

Lebegő doboz elem
Allen R. McKelvey
Singer / Songwriter

I love Voicer Recording Studio! Great state-of-the-art studio full of talented, supportive people. Excellent location at a good price. I was very happy with everything… I’ve already recommended it.

Lebegő doboz elem
Frances E. Hayes
Composer, Orchestrator

My first initial session to record a demo for my publisher was meant to be a one-off. I was so impressed with the standard and level of service that I went back to record songs some of which are on my soon to be released new album „Bring back the love”. Apart from being a seasoned professional, is also a perfectionist and as such he ensures that he always gives 100% during the creative process. The end product/result is always of a high standard and quality. I highly recommend Voicer Records studios as it’s value for money. You WILL NOT be disappointed!

Lebegő doboz elem
Scotty L. Salazar

Thanks a lot for all your help, we would 100% use your expertise again in future projects. It was the first time we used a recording studio for a project and now I cant imagine doing it any other way.

Lebegő doboz elem
Elaine T. Stark
Series Producer

I just wanted to say a big thank you for our session the other day, both Vas and I really enjoyed ourselves and you were all so welcoming that it was so easy for Vas to overcome her nerves. It was a pleasure meeting you all and we’ll be sure to come back.

Lebegő doboz elem
Joseph M. McAdams
Creative Director