Our studio has established itself as the most prestigious choice in Hungary with many major international clients. We are specialised in multiple aspects of studio work including orchestral recordings and audio post-production.

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Tom-Tom Studio news

Mark Kilian-Eye in the Sky
Tom-Tom Studio - 6/10/15 4:39 PM


Great sessions again with the excellent composer Mark Kilian.


Engineer: Tamas Kurina

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Tom-Tom Studio - 5/27/15 4:47 PM

We were proud to record and mix the orchestral parts for the 2014 Eurovision winner Conchita's debut album.

Engineer: Tamas Kurina

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Eurovision 2015
Tom-Tom Studio - 5/27/15 4:38 PM

We are glad that we recorded and mixed the symphonic orchestra parts  of the 2015 Eurovision song contest's  signals and opening main titles 



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'Beatünnep' concert
Tom-Tom Studio - 4/30/15 5:44 PM

The Beatunnep concert at the Budapest Arena celebrated the 50th anniversary of the legendary Illes band.

We are delighted to have worked on the post-production.

Engineer: Attila Kolcsenyi

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KEX Remake
Tom-Tom Studio - 4/30/15 5:29 PM

After a long brake, the legendary KEX band have reformed with new members and a youthful spirit to record a new album with us.

Engineer: Sandor Nyiri

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