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The Tom-Tom Studio

Since its founding in 1988 by the owner, head engineer and managing director Péter Dorozsmai, Tom-Tom Studio has become a mainstay name of the Hungarian and international music industry. During its history we have continuously expanded our range of services, always maintaining the highest standards – as shown by the numerous awards received as well as the ever growing clientele from all across the world.

The story of Tom-Tom began in 1985 with the construction of a rehearsal space for bands. Péter Dorozsmai has built the house with the rehearsal room on a hillside, with the earth providing sound isolation from one side while the other side of the building got natural sunlight. The room in the beginning was used by his rock bands Korál and East to have their own creative space.

In those days recording sound in the studio was but daydreaming.  But soon an 8-track reel-to-reel tape recorder marked the beginnings of the professional recording facility Tom-Tom Studio.

The challenges facing a sound studio keep changing with the times and Tom-Tom Studio has always bravely expanded their range of services when needed.

Our expertise encompasses the widest range of musical genres, be it academic classical music, jazz, pop, rock, world music. It is an honour and a joyful experience to us when we can be present at the birth of contemporary music pieces.

Péter Dorozsmai

musician, composer, producer and engineer

founder and director of Tom-Tom Studios

As a child he dreamed of being an astronomer or physicist. He constructed radios when 10 years old but soon enough he turned to music, first learning piano and then the drums.

He graduated as a jazz percussionist from the Music Conservatory of Budapest in 1981 (today: Franz Liszt Academy of Music), where he was a student of classical music as well.

After graduating, he became the drummer of one of the most successful Hungarian rock bands – Korál. They toured non-stop and recorded albums for years – and on these albums he did not only play the drums but wrote songs as well. Later on he became the drummer and writer for the progressive rock bands East and iLand.

He founded his own recording studio in 1985, starting his career as a sound engineer and music.

He began releasing music produced in his studio in 1989.

He founded his own independent record label, Tom-Tom Records in 1996.

During the years he has worked in mixing live sound for theater musicals and summer festivals. He has been the head sound engineer of a score of live shows since the 1990s. He has produced and released countless recordings of pop, rock or classical concerts.

He is also involved in music for TV, being music director and head sound engineer for a large and ever growing number of TV shows for more than 15 years now.

He returned to the stage as a drummer of the progressive rock band iLand in 2021 – founded by him and his old comrades, the best musicians in the business.

His professional and artistic career has been rewarded with a score of awards by the industry.

For his career as a musician he was awarded the Knight of Cross from the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic.

“It is a particular honor and joy for me… there is a special charm in being present at the birth of contemporary music. The excitement of recording and mixing is accompanied by the feeling that the future’s classical music is being created at that moment, and to feel the responsibility for it cannot be compared to any other feeling.”

Péter Dorozsmai

Our Team

At Tom-Tom we believe that the calibre of your engineers & producersis just as important as the quality of the studio you work in.

Sound Engineers

Péter Dorozsmai

Gergő Dorozsmai

musician – sound engineer

Tamás Kurina

musician – sound engineer

Tamás Kontor

musician – sound engineer

Károly Paczári

musician – sound engineer

Sándor Nyíri

musician – sound engineer

Attila Kölcsényi

musician – sound engineer

Péter Barabás

musician – sound engineer

Gergő Láposi

sound engineer


Erika Magyari

office manager

Viktória Wolcán

marketing and promotional manager

Andrea Török

administrative associate

Bea Melkvi

general assistant

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