What We Do Best

Our reputation comes from the artists we work with
and recordings made in our studios.

Audio Post
Productions, Post Production
Sound Engineers
Mixing, mastering
Film Score
post production


Two large concert halls are available for symphonic orchestral recordings. We also make orchestral recordings on location.
Our two studios are ideal for bands and smaller ensembles, with sound engineers experienced in every genre.
We can record any performance in arenas, outdoors, at rock concerts, or classical music concerts.

Mixing, Mastering

We mix and master recordings made at our studio or recorded elsewhere.


For bands or solo performers we offer music production services. We create full arrangements for artists, ranging from pop acts to full symphony.

ADR, Voice Over

As a part of our services for motion pictures we record ADR and Voiceover for films or commercials. Our facilities can connect to any studio in the world for a remote session.

Live mix

Our sound engineers are proficient in doing live mix for events: concerts, theater, TV shows or other live music events. We also provide music supervision and direction services.

Audio post

Post production for film is a complex and challenging task. We can offer services ranging from dialogue editing to creating the final mix.

Great Location for Video

Our sound studios can just be the set you are looking for for a music video or a live session.

Sound Design

We provide sound design services for audio post or for any other purposes.

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