Our studio has established itself as the most prestigious choice in Hungary with many major international clients. We are specialised in multiple aspects of studio work including orchestral recordings and audio post-production.

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'Szabó Balázs Bandája' - Balazs Szabo band
Tom-Tom Studio - 4/30/15 5:26 PM

Balazs Szabo recorded his album 'Elet elvitelre' (Life for take away) in our studio.

Engineer: Gergo Dorozsmai

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Boggie - All is One is All
Tom-Tom Studio - 4/30/15 5:21 PM

Boggie's second album was produced in the studio in autumn 2014.

Engineer: Gergo Dorozsmai

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Budavári Palotakoncert - 2014
Tom-Tom Studio - 4/30/15 5:15 PM

The picturesque royal quarters in Buda gave home to the 'Budavari Palotaconcert' in the second year running. This unique event is realised by the Operett Theatre and 2015 saw two sold-out nights after last year's successful debut.

Engineers: Peter Dorozsmai, Attila Kolcsenyi, Tamas Kurina

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Jason Statham
Tom-Tom Studio - 6/10/14 6:12 PM

Jason Statham joined the illustrous list of our clients recording ADR for The Expendables 3.

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Jackie Evancho
Tom-Tom Studio - 6/10/14 6:12 PM

We hosted an orchestral session for the young American classical crossover singer Jackie Evancho, who came to prominence at the 2010 Ameican's Got Talent show.

The arranger and conductor was Nicholas Dodd, known for his work on James Bond movies.

Engineer: Kurina Tamás

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