Our studio has established itself as the most prestigious choice in Hungary with many major international clients. We are specialised in multiple aspects of studio work including orchestral recordings and audio post-production.

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Sonoton Music Libary
Tom-Tom Studio - 2/4/13 4:30 PM

We have recorded a special kind of material for the Sonoton Music Library - a mixture of symphonic and rock music.

Composer: Nikolo Kotzev

Recording engineer: Tamás Kurina

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West One Music / Fire and Earth
Tom-Tom Studio - 2/4/13 4:26 PM

We have finished the most recent West One Music Library production in Studio D. In November, amongst others, the compositions of the renowned composer Richard Harvey were recorded, performed by the Hungarian Studio Orchestra.

Recording engineer: Tamás Kurina

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MR2 Szimfonik Live 2.0
Tom-Tom Studio - 2/4/13 4:16 PM
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Szalóki Ági
Tom-Tom Studio - 10/10/12 12:16 PM

Agi Szaloki records her next studio album in our studio.

Engineer : Sándor Nyíri

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