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The band Korál can proudly look back at a long line of songs that have become the favourites of the Hungarian audience: they have written many radio hits, and also many songs that have been covered by various bands. Korál have recorded 8 LPs during their career, toured many times with huge success, and also gave several sold out stadium shows.

The band was founded by pianist-singer Fecó Balázs in 1974. For four years they accompanied the country’s number one singer-songwriter girl, the Hungarian Joan Osborne, Zsuzsa Koncz. Korál gave their first show on their own in 1978. This year brought together the band’s classic line-up with Fecó Balázs singing and on the keys, László Fischer on guitar, Samu on bass, and Péter Dorozsmai on the drums.

The unique and authentic sound of the band since the late Seventies mainly builds on the rich keyboard layers and lyrical singing of Fecó over the hard-rock basis of the songs. The music ranges from the more uptempo rockers to ballads, as it is expected from a classic rock band; also the series of hits they produced made them rock stars in their country.

The band broke up 1986; but after eleven years of pause, the show they gave in the stadium was the show of the year 1997. The band is performing since then, they toured Hungary and the neighbouring countries in the summer of 2006; this year their comeback album, Ne Állj Meg Soha (Don’t You Ever Stop), was out at our label.

Dorozsmai Péter
Balázs Ferenc
Fischer László
Fekete Tibor Samu

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